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A good year for solitary bees?

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Well, so far anyway. The Tawny mining bees (Andrena fulva) Tawny Mining Bee (Andrena fulva) emerged from the lawn, creating the usual mini-volcanoes, a couple of weeks ago, and they have now been joined by Red mason bees (Osmia bicornis), Red mason bee (Osmia bicornis) Early mining bees (Andrena haemorrhoa), [update – I gather this is A. nitida not A. haemorrhoa] Mining bee (Andrena haemorrhoa?) Chocolate mining bees (Andrena carantonica), Mining bee - Andrena carantonica Grey mining bees (Andrena cineraria), Grey mining bee (Andrena cineraria) and others that I can’t identify.

On schedule

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This is looking like a “normal” Spring (if there is such a thing), with chiffchaffs, blackthorn blossom and tawny mining bees all appearing as usual.
Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)
Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)

Tawny Mining Bee (Andrena fulva)

Over-wintering butterflies have emerged


but there have been a couple of surprises:  Small White butterflies usually appear in May, but quite a few are already in evidence
Small White (Pieris rapae)
and Red Admirals don’t usually over-winter here, but migrate to the UK in significant numbers from May onwards. This one was spotted on 9 April.
Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)

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