Garden birdwatch 2014

Big Garden Birdwatch 2014
Time for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch again. The sparrow colony (I counted 14, but there may have been more) is doing well, and 5 starlings turned up, plus a couple of jackdaws and a goldfinch. The chaffinches, greenfinches and great-tits that are usually here must be in someone else’s garden today!

4 Responses to “Garden birdwatch 2014”

  1. Some of our ‘regulars’ seemed to be elsewhere too when we counted this morning … only our jackdaws turned up 🙂

  2. Nice to see those statistics, as despite what many might think, statistics never lie. Go get your head around the latest Bird Atlas, if you can grab yourself a copy, it’s a very revealing read.

    I’m a keen BirdTracker so don’t make any specific efforts to track birds for the Big Garden Birdwatch, as I’m noting them down for the greater part of the year anyway.

    Best Wishes


    • Thanks, Tony. I agree about statistics (though you can only infer so much from small numbers like these!) I have the Atlas – a superb piece of work involving the efforts of over 40 000 people. It tells a story of serious decline in many species: I only hope we can learn from it. [For anyone else interested: Bird Atlas 2007-11 published by BTO. If you still have a local library they should be able to get hold of it]

  3. Indeed, the longer the dataset, the more useful it should become. With all this past data (speaking of the Atlas here) it is such a shame that the science on the ground isn’t bringing about changes in the overall specie’s recoveries. More about this from me in time.

    All the Best


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