Birds in flight

We’re still short of insects, and I haven’t yet seen any scarlet tiger moths at the local hot-spot – I’ll keep looking – but in one respect we have to be amongst the luckiest people on the planet.

On a (rare) sunny evening, all I have to do is point a camera upwards to capture one of the most majestic birds in existence
Kites in the evening sun

Not just one – loads of them. This one (beak wide open) is making its characteristic “whee-oo” call
Kites in the evening sun
and I think this one was wondering whether I’m edible

Kites in the evening sun

Once common city scavengers, extinct in England from the 19th century till their reintroduction about 20 years ago, now back where they belong.


One Response to “Birds in flight”

  1. I get that feeling about the kites too sometimes, so I give any one flying too close for comfort a beastly stare. I get surprised by my cavewoman self. Apparently they only like dead prey, but I don’t trust them not to change their ways.

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