No scarlet tigers

Yet. The comfrey is flowering and buzzing with bees, but the scarlet tiger moths haven’t shown up. Either the caterpillars were all washed away in the wet weather, or (I hope) they are just a bit late because it’s been unusually cold. I’ll keep watching.
Apart from butterflies and moths, life seems to be going on as usual, with thick-legged flower beetles on the wild roses at Butts Piece Oedemera nobilis (m) Lacewings on the brambles Green lacewing and a few hoverflies Chrysotoxum cautum? Another nursery-web spider was hunting on the burdock Pisaura mirabilis and I took a snap that I hoped would be a swift in flight. It’s not – it could be a Peregrine Falcon (I’m told that Peregrines sometimes nest on the tower at Didcot power station), or perhaps a Hobby. Please let me know if you can tell what it is. [It’s a Hobby – thanks, Ian Lewington for identifying it]Peregrine?


2 Responses to “No scarlet tigers”

  1. Ian Lewington Says:

    That’s a Hobby. Nice shot.

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