Moths instead

I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for butterflies, but meanwhile a few moths have turned up, including some I haven’t seen before. Trouble is I’m useless at identifying them, so please comment if I’ve got any wrong:

Chinese Character, named after the odd little scribble in the middle of its wing. Said to avoid predation by mimicking bird droppings. Chinese Character (Cilix glaucata) Small Dusty Wave – very common, larvae feed on ivy.
Small dusty wave (Idaea seriata)? “Twenty-plume” moth (doesn’t actually have 20 plumes). Very small but one of my favourites. Lives on honeysuckle.
Alucita hexadactyla and a new one to me, I think the Buttoned Snout, which – if the ID is right – must have found some wild hops growing locally for its caterpillars to feed on. Buttoned Snout (Hypena rostralis) And of course there are bumblebees Bombus pratorum, m and leafhoppers too Leafhopper moulting


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