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Moths instead

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I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for butterflies, but meanwhile a few moths have turned up, including some I haven’t seen before. Trouble is I’m useless at identifying them, so please comment if I’ve got any wrong:

Chinese Character, named after the odd little scribble in the middle of its wing. Said to avoid predation by mimicking bird droppings. Chinese Character (Cilix glaucata) Small Dusty Wave – very common, larvae feed on ivy.
Small dusty wave (Idaea seriata)? “Twenty-plume” moth (doesn’t actually have 20 plumes). Very small but one of my favourites. Lives on honeysuckle.
Alucita hexadactyla and a new one to me, I think the Buttoned Snout, which – if the ID is right – must have found some wild hops growing locally for its caterpillars to feed on. Buttoned Snout (Hypena rostralis) And of course there are bumblebees Bombus pratorum, m and leafhoppers too Leafhopper moulting

Still no butterflies

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OK, it’s not the peak season for most species, but I’d expected a few to appear now it’s 10C warmer. Just have to settle for ladybirds for the moment 14-spot ladybird (Propylea 14-punctata) 2-spot ladybird (Adalia 2-punctata)

More birds

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Closer to home, the garden has been taken over by blackbirds with fledglings; it’s proved hard to get photos, as the adults chase the juveniles under cover at any sign of danger, but I did manage to capture this chick waiting for a parent to return with foodSupper time

In search of butterflies

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After the wettest April on record, May hasn’t been a lot better until this weekend, and there don’t seem to be as many butterflies around as usual. In a couple of hours round and about I saw a few small/large whites and a speckled wood or two, but not much else. At Butts Piece there was a single Orange-tip Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) and a Holly Blue Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus)
It’s not all bad news, though: fledgling starlings are everywhere (especially good as their numbers are in steep decline nationally) Starlings and house sparrows seem to be doing well too Sparrows Swallows are nesting in farm buildings Swallows and this pied wagtail probably has nestlings to feed Pied wagtail There are chiffchaffs Chiffchaff and it looks like a good year for rabbits. Rabbit

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