Garden birdwatch 2012

A good year for house sparrows, and a lucky encounter with a flock of long-tailed tits (5 visible when I counted), but most of the goldfinches were foraging somewhere else, and the usual song-thrush didn’t appear, probably for the same reason.
Garden birdwatch
Here are the stats (click for bigger view in Flickr):


2 Responses to “Garden birdwatch 2012”

  1. Good for you in counting your garden birds but do you note your birds on other days. Personally, I subscribe to the BTO BirdTrack project which is a good thing to get involved with too.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

  2. Thanks, Tony. Good idea to count more often, (would have to be weekends except for listening out for tawny owls); one day I’ll get a bit better organised.
    Saw the comment on Dendrocopos major on your blog: I heard one drumming in East Hagbourne on 22 Jan – only a few days before the mean 28 Jan you mention.

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