Ladybirds and leafhoppers

In June, I listed the 10 native ladybird species I’ve found locally. Here’s another, the Larch ladybird (Aphidecta obliterata):Larch ladybird (Aphidecta obliterata)
Meanwhile, it’s been a good season for leafhoppers – maybe because of the warm weather:
Zygina flammigera, colourful and quite common
Zygina flammigera
Another Zygina sp., possibly Zygina angusta:
Zygina sp.
a newcomer to the UK, Acericerus heydenii
Leafhopper (prob. Acericerus heydenii, f.)
and Zyginella pulchra, a leafhopper that so far has been seen on Sycamore. This one’s on Field Maple:
Zyginella pulchra
And here’s a snail – much maligned, with amazing variety of colour and patterns – can’t see why people don’t like them:Snail


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