Another native ladybird

Orange ladybird (Halyzia 16-guttata)

This Orange Ladybird (Halyzia 16-guttata) is the 10th native ladybird species I’ve seen here (plus of course the non-native Harlequin). Here are the rest:

2-spot ladybird (Adalia bipunctata)7-spot ladybird10-spot ladybird (Adalia 10-punctata)11-spot ladybird (Coccinella 11-punctata)14-spot ladybird (Propylea 14-punctata)16-spot ladybird (Tytthaspis 16-punctata)22-spot ladybird (Psyllobora 22-punctata)24-spot ladybird (Subcoccinella 24-punctata)Cream-spot ladybird (Calvia 14-guttata)

One Response to “Another native ladybird”

  1. […] June, I listed the 10 native ladybird species I’ve found locally. Here’s another, the Larch […]

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