From eggs…

Spring is the beginning of the lifecycle of many species, and a good time for photography. Garden spiders have hatched:
and shieldbugs have laid eggs under leaves:
Meanwhile this leafhopper is moulting
Leafhopper moulting
to become an adult
Leafhopper (Oncopsis sp)
and start the cycle over again.
Leafhoppers (Oncopsis sp.)
Longhorn “fairy” moths are at it too
Nemophora degeerella pair
Here’s an adult male, which apparently has the longest antennae of any British moth:
Longhorn moth (Nemophora degeerella, m)
I caught this Harlequin ladybird in the act of laying eggs. I’d rather Harlequins weren’t here, but I have seen plenty of native 7, 10 and 14-spot ladybirds this year, so at the moment it looks as though the Harlequins haven’t over-run them – only time will tell.


One Response to “From eggs…”

  1. janerc Says:

    I saw a group of male “fairy” longhorns showing how they got the name – here is a video of one of them. “Fairy” was what came to mind before I knew what they were.

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