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Squirrels and sparrowhawks

Posted in birds, garden, oxfordshire, photography, wildlife with tags , , , on 28 February 2011 by bramblejungle

As Spring arrives, the wildlife garden has become busier: sparrows, goldfinches, bluetits and wood-pigeons are everywhere. But there’s always a downside (apart from the pigeons) – the squirrel, as expected, has realised that there’s an easy meal to be found here, and just loves to sit on the bird-table shelling sunflower seeds. I don’t mind too much, but I can’t afford to feed the squirrel population of Oxfordshire, so on the advice of the RSBP I tried dusting the seed with chilli powder. It didn’t work:
Chilli powder
Meanwhile a sparrowhawk has attacked several times in the last week, so far (I think) only catching one goldfinch; whilst active predators indicate a healthy ecosystem, I’ll have to think how to re-position the feeders to avoid making their life too easy. No photos yet – hope I’m luckier than the goldfinches.

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