Another shieldbug

Wnen I was a child, I thought shieldbugs were green and looked a bit like this:
Green shield bug
Since then, I’ve encountered Forest Bugs, Parent Bugs, Woundwort Bugs – and now a Birch Shieldbug
Birch Shieldbug (Elasmostethus interstinctus)
I guess you could call it another stinkbug – or a welcome addition to the biodiversity of the garden (so long as it doesn’t do too much damage: I think a 10-metre silver birch will survive the onslaught).


2 Responses to “Another shieldbug”

  1. Very beautiful photographs. It’s easy to fail to notice how striking insects and small creatures can be.

  2. Thanks, Graham. You’re right – it’s often only when you look through a macro lens or a magnifying glass that you see the amazing colours and patterns on some of these mini-beasts. Moral – photograph everything you can, just for a closer look!

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