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Scarlet Tiger Moths

Posted in garden, insects, oxfordshire, photography, wildlife with tags , , , on 18 June 2010 by bramblejungle

A couple of months ago I found Scarlet Tiger Moth caterpillars on comfrey growing locally, but I still haven’t seen the moths there; however one turned up unexpectedly in the garden. It’s a bit the worse for wear, but here it is anyway (and the caterpillar again):

Scarlet Tiger moth (Callimorpha dominula)
Scarlet Tiger Moth (Callimorpha dominula) caterpillar


Tree bees and more ladybirds

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In 2001, a new bumblebee was discovered just outside the New Forest. New to the UK, that is, but widely distributed throughout Europe. It’s the “Tree Bee”, Bombus hypnorum, and seems to be doing well here; unlike most “invasive” species, B. hypnorum doesn’t seem to represent a threat to local species.
They can’t resist Cotoneaster flowers:
Bombus hypnorum?
Bombus hypnorum in flight

Meanwhile I’ve found 2 more ladybird species (that makes nine species plus the Harlequin):

24-spot ladybird (Subcoccinella 24-punctata)
2-spot ladybird (Adalia 2-punctata)

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