That was May…

Despite the cold winter, the good news is that most species that I saw last year are still here; some (like the figwort weevils – maybe that’s not such good news) are doing better than ever, and it’s certainly been a good season so far for the many kinds of solitary bee. Not sure about hedgehogs – I’ve seen some evidence of them around, but not actually spotted a hedgehog. Birds have been breeding as normal, and I’ve seen young dunnocks, great-tits, blackbirds and starlings – and speckled bush crickets. Here are just a few species I hadn’t seen before:

A nightshade flea beetle
Psylliodes affinis - Nightshade flea beetle

A Malachite beetle
Malachite beetle (Malachius bipustulatus)

A Holly Blue butterfly with its wings open
Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus), f.

And evidence that there are leafcutter bees somewhere near
Evidence of leaf-cutter bees?


One Response to “That was May…”

  1. I can’t stop reading your blog. You post so many cool pictures.

    I really like the color of the malachite beetle.

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