Yellowhammers and another ladybird

Hiding in a hedge, but identifiable by its song, was the first yellowhammer I’ve seen round here for quite a few years, and another (hidden but audible) a couple of trees away; I can only guess whether they were calling to each other or claiming rival territories. When I did spot one, the evening sun rendered it as bright as a canary:
Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
And back home, running across the lid of the recycling bin, I found a ladybird I hadn’t seen before: as small as a 22-spot, it’s the 16-spot, bringing to 7 the number of ladybird species I’ve found so far on the patch. Perhaps they’re fighting back against the Harlequins.
16-spot ladybird (Tytthaspis 16-punctata)


One Response to “Yellowhammers and another ladybird”

  1. Lovely yellow themed post – we had those ladybirds in our garden last year, I was fascinated to read that rather than being carnivorous they eat mildew!

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