Common and not-so-common

Despite identifying nearly 400 species in the local patch, I still have a list of obvious things missing – pheasants, woodpeckers, ducks, rats, mice…. I know they’re here (woodpeckers and pheasants audibly so!) but have not yet managed to photograph them.

Here are a couple that would-be allotment holders may need to know about:

Migratory birds have turned up on schedule:
Willow warbler (I think):
Willow warbler?

Chiff-chaff (last year’s photo, but definitely here this year):
Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)

And here’s something I certainly haven’t seen before. Friends on Flickr think it’s probably Eremocoris podagricus, a ground bug that occurs locally on chalky soils:
Groundbug (Eremocoris podagricus)


One Response to “Common and not-so-common”

  1. I like that you are keeping track of all the living things that inhabit your area. I am listing birds but I’d like to include butterflies, mammals, reptiles, and everything else. Your photos are very nice. Even the bug is lovely in its way–the colors and patterns are unusual. Thanks for your interesting blog!

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