Experimenting with digiscoping

A few weeks ago the local Aldi had spotting scopes in their “Thursday Special”. I didn’t expect much at the price, but was pleasantly surprised. Add a cheap camera from e-bay (has to have a small lens, so the 55mm-diameter Panasonic is no use), and see what happens. Results so far are encouraging, provided that 1. the subject is at least 12 metres away and doesn’t move 2. there’s plenty of light 3. you don’t mind using software to remove the effects of chromatic aberration in the ‘scope. A bit limiting, then, but I think it’s worth some more work.
Here’s a sparrow at 15m or so:
Distant sparrow


3 Responses to “Experimenting with digiscoping”

  1. A friend of mine bought one for his in laws and said how good they are for the money – made in Germany. But my local Aldi has sold out or I would buy one for leaving in the car.

  2. Digiscoping is cool, but will take some time getting used to it.

  3. I’m intrigued. I’ve never heard of digiscoping. I shall have to look into this.

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