Shield bugs

I like shield bugs, and I’m pretty sure most of them are harmless (though I haven’t tried picking any of them up, just in case!). Recently there seem to be lots of Forest Bugs around, but over the last few weeks the local patch has produced several others:

Forest Bug
Forest bug (Pentatoma rufipes)
Some more Forest Bugs (lots more, soon)
Forest bugs
A Parent Bug – which apparently gets its name from the fact that the nymphs stay with the adult for a few weeks after hatching
Parent Bug (Elasmucha grisea)
A nymph of the common Green Shield Bug
Common Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina)
and a procession of what I think are Hawthorn Shield Bug nymphs
Bugs on a leaf


One Response to “Shield bugs”

  1. My partner found some green shield bug nymphs in a green area in the suburbs of Cork during August. Loads of them clustered on one leaf, and all looking alike to the one you’ve posted above. They’re really pretty, aren’t they?!

    Excellent photographs! 🙂

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