…don’t like rain, so I haven’t seen many – but the sun shone for a while today, and here’s what I found:

Painted Lady. A migratory species I’ve never seen before, but here in large numbers this year:
Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)

Gatekeeper (Pyronia tithonus)

Speckled Wood. Loads of these around earlier in the year – I guess this is a second brood:
Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria)

Peacock. There are usually dozens now the Buddleia is in flower; today I saw 2:
Peacock (Inachis io)

Cabbage White, laying eggs on “wild” oilseed rape. Hard to tell whether it’s a small or large white, but I’ll see what the eggs hatch into:
Cabbage White

No sign of the usual Commas or Red Admirals, but here’s a Holly Blue I spotted earlier in the week (frustratingly they always seem to settle with their wings closed, so no chance of a photo of the bright blue seen in flight):
Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus)

And, just for completeness, a Ringlet that I saw a couple of weeks ago:
Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus)


3 Responses to “Butterflies…”

  1. Great set of butterfly photos. Not many stopping here at the moment but the buddleia and lavender flowers should attract a few soon.

  2. That’s a great selection – I love the speckled wood particularly, and the butterfly egg – I have no idea if my camera could focus in so closely so I’m impressed that you got yours to! And I know what you mean about some butterflies never settling with open wings…

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