300 species

This will never be a complete catalogue of the area’s wildlife, but even after 15 months or so I’m finding species that I haven’t identified before: partly I guess because I’m getting better at finding them, and partly because most species are seasonal, and you need a year or two to cover the ground. The 300th species is nothing exceptional – a Lesser Yellow Underwing moth – just one of the 74 different moths I’ve found in my small patch.

Over time the picture may change, and I hope to be able to report those changes. So far the Harlequin ladybird is here in large numbers, but hasn’t yet displaced the local 7-spot and 10-spot types; other species in national decline (hedgehog, starling, house-sparrow…) seem to be doing well locally. Climate change and introduced species will make their mark, but I can only hope that the impact on the diversity of local wildlife of human activity – like the expansion of Didcot – will be limited .

Here’s no. 300:

Lesser Yellow Underwing (Noctua comes)


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