Garden birds

This seems to have been a successful breeding season for many garden birds, and I’ve seen a variety of fledglings. Stars of the show – especially since this is the first year I’ve attracted them to a niger-seed feeder – are the goldfinches. Here’s a an adult diving onto the feeder in the rain (I’d need a better camera to get a faster exposure in poor light), and a youngster, perversely feasting on peanuts.

Goldfinch in the rain Goldfinch (juv.)


5 Responses to “Garden birds”

  1. I’ve never managed to get a shot of a Goldfinch in flight. It really shows the gold off. Well caught. I have Goldfinches here but haven’t seen any youngsters as yet.

  2. Beautiful images of the Goldfinch. I like the 2nd shot more than the first.

  3. Thanks, Thomas. The first shot isn’t photographically good (the Panasonic is very noisy above ISO 200, so I couldn’t use a faster shutter), but it’s the only time I’ve captured a goldfinch with its wings open).
    Meanwhile we seem to have 4 fledglings, and adults still feeding so maybe there’s more than one nest.

  4. You lucky thing to have such lovely birds in your garden! One day, when our eccentric neighbour stops feeding all the neighbourhood cats we will get this lucky.

    • Thanks, Bird. We are indeed lucky – there are many cats in the area (a reason I can’t leave cat or dog food out for hedgehogs!) It may seem strange, but we’ve always owned cats ourselves, and because they defend their territory it could be that one cat (definitely indoors at night) is better than many. I’m in two minds on this one; it’s hard to admire the antics of stoats – beautiful but vicious professional killers (see BBC Springwatch) – and then get upset about domestic moggies. Instead, I’ve put a fence round the bird-table to prevent surprise attacks, and if I find a place the cat hides to watch the birds, I put a bucket there. Hope you have better luck soon!

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