Welcome to the WWW

Wonderful World of Weevils, that is. The trouble with the pesticide-free wildlife garden is that some of the resulting wildlife has a destructive tendency; luckily, most weevils are limited in the range of plants they attack, and several of these seem to prefer nettles to anything else. And they are quite cute, really.

Weevils (Cionus scrophulariae)Weevil on nettles (Polydrusus sp.)

WeevilWeevil (Cionius scrophulariae - Figwort weevil)

Green weevil (Phyllobius pomaceus)Weevil (Cionus alauda)

Weevil (Cionus alauda)You can tell I'm not a gardener

Brown-legged weevilWeevil (Otiorhynchus scaber)

Copper-coloured weevil (Sciaphilus asperatus)


2 Responses to “Welcome to the WWW”

  1. You are the expert at this line of photography. I admire your patience and attention to the use of flash. Awesome buddy.

  2. Weevils have such wonderful head shapes – some are quite cute as you say… the fourth one down has a great elephant’s trunk!

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