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Garden birds

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This seems to have been a successful breeding season for many garden birds, and I’ve seen a variety of fledglings. Stars of the show – especially since this is the first year I’ve attracted them to a niger-seed feeder – are the goldfinches. Here’s a an adult diving onto the feeder in the rain (I’d need a better camera to get a faster exposure in poor light), and a youngster, perversely feasting on peanuts.

Goldfinch in the rain Goldfinch (juv.)


Welcome to the WWW

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Wonderful World of Weevils, that is. The trouble with the pesticide-free wildlife garden is that some of the resulting wildlife has a destructive tendency; luckily, most weevils are limited in the range of plants they attack, and several of these seem to prefer nettles to anything else. And they are quite cute, really.

Weevils (Cionus scrophulariae)Weevil on nettles (Polydrusus sp.)

WeevilWeevil (Cionius scrophulariae - Figwort weevil)

Green weevil (Phyllobius pomaceus)Weevil (Cionus alauda)

Weevil (Cionus alauda)You can tell I'm not a gardener

Brown-legged weevilWeevil (Otiorhynchus scaber)

Copper-coloured weevil (Sciaphilus asperatus)


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What else can you say? It’s a cockchafer beetle (aka May bug).

Cockchafer (May bug)

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