Bees and lawn aeration

I found quite a few of these in the garden a day or two ago:

Tawny Mining Bee (Andrena fulva)

It turned out they are a solitary bee – the Tawny Mining Bee, Andrena fulva – which explained the half-dozen or so mini-volcanoes in the lawn

Bee's nest

It seems Andrena fulva are completely harmless; in fact they aerate the lawn and pollenate everything in sight, so they are very welcome here. There’s a good article about them at


6 Responses to “Bees and lawn aeration”

  1. A cracking close-up of the bee. Last year I saw quite a few bees which had nests in the lawn but they never stayed still long enough to photo.

  2. They’re beautiful! We’ve had several that i think are the same, but i haven’t seen any mineshafts. Every time i try to take a close-up of a bee it flies off a smidgen too soon, so well done. 80)

  3. Stunning macro shot of that Bee. The details are incredible.

  4. […] The lawn is gradually being patterned with mining bee nests like last year’s), […]

  5. […] past years I’ve found tawny mining bees (Andrena fulva) in the lawn. This year they are back (as are the […]

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