Hunting mini-beasts that is – and especially springtails. I’m reaping the rewards of not tidying the leaf-litter in the Autumn: now it’s full of all sorts of fascinating small-scale wildlife, and so far I’ve found 11 springtail species, a very tiny snail, and a ground beetle (which eats springtails!). As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been poking around the compost bin with a macro lens, and found some mites and a sap beetle.  I think there’s a future in compost heap wildlife photography (don’t ask why), so please join in via my new Flickr group:

Compost Heap Wildlife

Compost Heap Wildlife



Ground beetle (Loricera pilicornis)


2 Responses to “Hunting”

  1. The images of the snail and the beetle are awesome extreme closeups. Well done

  2. You’ve made a snail look cute. That is an achievement!

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