Tiny things…

These warmer evenings have produced a bit of emerging wildlife: innumerable spiders (though the garden spiders haven’t hatched yet), thousands of woodlice, and some new (to me) species:

a caterpillar (larva of a moth, perhaps the square-spot rustic)
a springtail (I didn’t know these existed – apparently they are there by the thousand but so small you don’t see them),
a centipede twice as long as I thought centipedes were meant to be,
and an unidentified weevil that I suspect I’d rather wasn’t here at all.


One Response to “Tiny things…”

  1. Loved your pictures they are great. I was chasing our little spiders in the garden at the weekend. All were running around in the leaf litter (so no webs). Not sure what they were as they were too quick! I’m off to look for weevils and centipedes now!

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