I haven’t seen buzzards here all winter, but today’s sunshine brought out a pair of them, along with several red kites (all too high for good photos, so I’ve included a red kite shot from last week for comparison):


Red kite


4 Responses to “Raptors”

  1. Aren’t they both red kites? I know the one on the left doesn’t have a forked tail but everything else looks the same. Great pics.

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for dropping by. You’ve got me worried – from that angle the kite and buzzard look very similar; I’ll see if I can find a shot showing the tail of the one with the dark head: kites usually have light-coloured heads. There were 5 birds up there this afternoon, and I thought 3 were kites and 2 buzzards.

  3. We don’t get kites (well only the odd lost one!) but we get loads of buzzards. I’ve had 10 above my house before now. Very interesting to see the differences between the two. Other than the longer tail the wings look very similar. Thanks for posting the bigger pics in your next post. Fascinating stuff. Jane

  4. Hi Jane – you’re lucky – we see buzzards every now and then, though the kites are regular now. Both very beautiful, and I guess the fact that they are thriving is a sign that the local ecosystem isn’t in too bad a state.

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