More greenfinches

There seems to have been a sudden increase in greenfinch numbers – maybe some that migrate south for the winter are back in time for spring.

Greenfinch (f)


3 Responses to “More greenfinches”

  1. Greenfinches are maybe my third favourite bird. After crows, starlings, blue tits (who can NOT love a blue tit?), jays… erm… can i add the wren, the skua… and my Number One Forever (for today at least) is the albatross. But greenfinches are way up there in my top ten… erm…

  2. Thanks, Mand. I like them too – along with dunnocks they produce a lot of the sound of the hedgerow without being show-offs like chaffinches!

  3. Yep! Mind you chaffinches are lovely too. I’m fond of the whole finch family, come to think of it.

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