Garden birdwatch

This weekend is the RSPB‘s annual garden birdwatch weekend. I spotted 14 bird species, none rare, but three (house sparrow, starling and song-thrush) with “red” conservation status because of their rapid decline in recent years. Here’s my list:
Blackbird: 2
Chaffinch: 2
Collared dove: 2
Dunnock: 2
Great tit: 2
Greenfinch: 2
House sparrow: 7
Jackdaw: 1
Robin: 2
Rook: 1
Song thrush: 1
Starling: 2
Woodpigeon: 3


5 Responses to “Garden birdwatch”

  1. Beautiful image. I haven’t visited in a while though it’s nice to see the images you’ve captured since the last time I was here.

  2. Fabulous catch. The details are so vivid and that turn of the head giving the catchlight in the eye is beautiful

  3. Stunning image. Its so perfect. This should rate as one of your best bird images in my view.

  4. Thanks, Thomas. I had a bit more time than usual to take the shot: the robin came so close I couldn’t focus with the B300 teleconverter on the camera, waited while I removed it, and posed on a convenient branch. I wish other birds were so helpful!

  5. […] a wren, a song thrush, a low-flying red kite and this bluetit: Here’s my list, with last year’s for […]

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