Clear skies

It’s been freezing and overcast all week, and all I’ve managed to photograph is a long-tailed tit at 1/15 sec – but tonight’s full moon is some compensation (NASA say it’s a “perigee” moon – when the moon is at its closest to the earth).

Perigee moon


4 Responses to “Clear skies”

  1. Go on, show us the tit.

  2. WOW…stunning details on the ever mystical object – Moon

  3. DragonWiz263 Says:

    WOW! That is beautiful. Is that for real, cause I’ve never ever got to see the moon like that. That is a real neat shot. 😉

  4. Hi DragonWiz, thanks for dropping by. It’s real! I guess a few years ago you’d have needed loads of expensive gear to get a shot like that – I just pointed the panasonic (OK, with a x1.7 teleconverter – that makes it equivalent to about a 700mm lens on a 35mm camera), opened it up to f/3.7 and fired away.

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