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Ice flowers

Posted in bumblebee, garden, oxfordshire, photography with tags on 31 December 2008 by bramblejungle

Despite sub-zero conditions and darkness, the Mahonia is in full bloom this New Year’s Eve, though I have yet to figure the evolutionary purpose of this  – there are certainly no insects around at the moment. Jane rates Mahonia as one of the plants most likely to attract bumble bees in the winter, so I’ll be watching if the temperature rises a bit!

Ice flower


Season’s greetings

Posted in birds, garden, oxfordshire, photography, wildlife with tags , , on 23 December 2008 by bramblejungle

and best wishes to you all for 2009.

I’d hoped for a classic British winter scene, but it’s warm, damp and dark, so the best I can do is this robin on the bird-table

Happy Christmas

Winter bug-life

Posted in garden, insects, oxfordshire, photography, wildlife with tags , , on 15 December 2008 by bramblejungle

I thought the last few cold nights would have sent the last remaining bugs into hibernation, but tonight there are freshly-spun cobwebs, I think spun by missing sector spiders, and several unfortunate midges caught in them. They’re only a couple of millimetres long – and I guess the spider doesn’t think they are worth bothering with.

Midge in a cobweb

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