The arachnid season continues

It’s a mild, damp night, and I made my usual after-dark tour of the garden with the camera-mounted lamp (my neighbours think I’m crazy – they’re probably right). There were more woodlice than I’ve ever seen, in all sizes, up walls, fences and trees; a few snails, a couple more harvestmen, two or three earwigs, a centipede – too quick to get a photo but I’ll try again later – and all the spiders that had presumably gone into hiding during the cold snap. Here are the ones I liked best:

A crevice spider living up to its name, hiding in a crevice

Crevice spider

A big hairy house spider

House spider

A velvety grey spider. Is there a mole spider?

Velvety spider

and a garden spider, huge with eggs

The next generation


3 Responses to “The arachnid season continues”

  1. I don’t believe this, you have so many different spiders in your backyard…my god Bramble…

    The last shot is my pick in this series

  2. Thanks, Thomas. Guess I’m just lucky – it’s a pretty small backyard – though I think this is a particularly good spider season! I like the last one, though she won’t live much longer (garden spiders die after they’ve laid their eggs, leaving the eggs to hatch in the spring).


  3. […] Crevice spider (aka Walnut Orb Weaver) that had been hiding in a crevice since 4 November had spun a new web, presumably expecting flying food to […]

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