Night predator

Late at night, pitch dark. It’s been raining, and now it’s stopped there are woodlice, small snails and a few slugs around, but not much else going on – except on the trunk of the silver birch, where this magnificent spider has caught a bluebottle nearly as big as itself and is dragging it home for dinner. Bigger view available on Flickr (“view all sizes”) if you’re not squeamish.

Spider hunting


2 Responses to “Night predator”

  1. That’s a nice image, you shot this using a spotlight ?

  2. Hi Thomas, thanks for visiting – I haven’t worked out how to post comments on your excellent blog yet. I’m experimenting with a small LED “headlight” attached to the hot shoe to frame up the subject, plus the built-in flash to take the shot. I’m not getting the exposure quite right yet, but it’s opening up some interesting possibilities

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