A late-night look at the garden produced a pair of (perhaps) ground spiders, and several harvestmen of various kinds – along with the usual slugs, snails, earwigs, woodlice, and innumerable garden spiders.

Approach with cautionFurry spider

Short-legged harvestmanShort-legged harvestman



2 Responses to “Arachnids”

  1. What a beautiful collection. I love the harvestmen, though I wonder about the addition ‘shortlegged’. Am I right in assuming that the spider in the last picture is the longlegged variety?

  2. Hi Steffie, thanks for your comment. I’m no expert, but according to Wikepedia, harvestmen are arachnids but not spiders. The “short-legged” one looks like Hadrobundus grandis, and the last picture is something like Phalangium opilio. Click the images for a better view on my Flickr pages if you like


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