I always thought there were two kinds of snail: the sort that eats cabbages, and the sort you eat with loads of garlic butter. Looking a bit closer, they are quite attractive creatures, and all different. Of course they eat vegetation (so do we) – but they also provide a food source for various birds and mammals, so I don’t mind them unless they threaten to take over the garden. Here are some I’ve found within a few metres of the front door:

SnailTiny snail (close-up)
Round snailGreat weather for ducks

White-lipped snail (cepaea hortensis)Green cross code


3 Responses to “Snails”

  1. I have always been fond of snails. Their shells are things of beauty, like leaves. Or birds.

    These are little cuties – particularly the one who looks as if she’s been surprised hugging that stem. Thanx! 80)

  2. walkthewilderness Says:

    I have never seen so many snail shots in one blog…leave alone in a single post…incredible. The details are amazing…very well done…Thomas (

  3. Not just me who could stare at snails all day, then.
    Lovely shots on your posts here. I’ve linked to your ladybird photos from an article on my blog.

    Given a few more hours I’d look around your flickr collection!

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