Spiders again

September is a good time for spiders, but this year they seem to be everywhere – garden spiders of varying sizes hanging from plants, sheet-web spiders in the grass, hunting and jumping spiders in the porch…. Luckily I like them: as far as I know there are no dangerous spiders in the UK, and they all have individual characteristics. Here are a couple I’d never seen before (with thanks to the experts on Flickr who identified them for me):

Nigma walckenaeri, a little green spider that spins a fine woolly web across a leaf and hides behind it waiting for lunch to turn up:

In hiding

and Nuctenea umbratica (aka crevice spider or walnut orb weaver) – a nocturnal spider that usually spends the day out of sight – I spotted this one under the outside lights at 10:30 pm:

After dark


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