So far…

When I began this blog in March 2008, I thought that “Hagbourne Wildlife” would amount to a couple of dozen bird species, a few butterflies, and a handful of bugs. I had no plans to try to document the entire wildlife of the region (and still don’t – that would be a life-time’s work), but I have been surprised by the results so far – 30 bird species, 10 butterflies, 33 moths (most of which I didn’t know existed), 4 different spiders – one of which is bright green – and dozens of other interesting creatures, along with a few I’d have preferred not to find. The Index is becoming vast, and at some point I’ll subdivide it.
I still haven’t managed to get a camera to the occasional over-flying heron, the green woodpecker that I hear quite regularly, the kestrel that’s often seen in nearby fields, or the kingfisher on the brook, and I’m even less likely to get a shot of the tawny and barn owls and bats, but I’ll keep trying. For the moment, here are a few of my favourites:

Song-thrush with worm

A bit closer this time


Red kite in flight


Yellow Shell moth (camptogramma bilineata)

22-spot ladybird (psyllobora 22-punctata)

Plume moth


One Response to “So far…”

  1. wow…Nice collection of birds, the red kite shot is awesome

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