And yet more bugs

The one on the left is the capsid bug deraeocoris flavilinea, another relative newcomer to the UK; it was first seen here in 1995, and is now common in southern England. Not sure about the other one – same place, different bug, possibly same species – it was just a quick try with my new DCR-250 macro lens. Both are on buddleia leaves.

Capsid bug


2 Responses to “And yet more bugs”

  1. I really enjoy photographing insects too. I got a set of Close up lenses (10X) for my digital SLR. They work pretty good and are not NEARLY as expensive as a macro lens.

  2. Hi Corey, I guess all lenses are a bit of a compromise – I like the Raynox DCR-150 because it’s easy to clip on/remove from the camera, and it produces reasonable magnification without having to get too close to subjects (8″ or so), so they don’t always fly away or bite back. The DCR-250 is a probably too powerful for hand-held photography, but that won’t stop me trying!

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