Wasp beetle (clytus arietis)

Wasp beetle (clytus arietis)Nettle bug

This impressively-marked wasp beetle was just waiting to be photographed, and since I had the macro lens on the camera I looked around and found a tiny bug on the nettles: it turns out to be a common nettle capsid. Well, what else could it be?Another angle on the nettle bug


2 Responses to “Wasp beetle (clytus arietis)”

  1. Great macro! I think I’ve seen one of these little guys before. I’ve also seen one similar, except the gold stripes are red. Any idea what that could be–another type of capsid, perhaps?

  2. Thanks! There seem to be hundreds of different capsid bugs, each one specialising in a particular type of plant. The nettle capsid that I found is probably one of the least problematical in the garden (as it feeds mostly on nettles) – any idea what the one you saw was feeding on?

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